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Books  and Other Resources

For all our books, DVD's, CD's, and Plays visit our online bookstore: . Click here to see books by Pamela Smith - these books are being used by churches throughout the country for Bible classes, new believers classes, and group studies.

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Armorbearer Book Excerpts:


Armorbearer Book



Church Administration - Running a Church Office

Church Administration - Running a Church Office

Other Books by Pamela R. Smith

  • Soaring as a Leader
  • Stopping the DreamKillers
  • Serving in the Church - Understanding the Covenant Relationship
  • Team Building in the Church - Becoming One
  • Giving Birth to Your Purpose
  • I'm Saved Now What?
  • Leading God's People - Debt Free

Coming in 2014

  • A Jouney Through Psalms
  • The Places Where Dreams Go to Die
  • Wounded in the Church - But Healed in God's Presence
  • Without a Hitch - Events Planning for Churches


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