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Is your church fulfilling its God-given destiny? Does your church seemed stuck? Do you all flow as a team? Is your church strong and growing, and you want to keep it on path?

We work with churches of all denominations and sizes. We provide trainings in all areas of church administration from church secretary, church boards, deacon(nesses), ministerial team and more.  We have over 23 years experience in training and equipping churches' staffs.

To get a feel for some of our teachings you may read excerpts from our books--go to and click on "Books by Pamela R. Smith.  You can also see previews of our trainings within this website.

Onsite Trainings Offered

  • Church Administration Training Workshop
  • Church Board Training
  • Team Building in the Church - Becoming One
  • Serving in the Church
  • Called Alongside - Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer
  • Deacon(esses) Training
  • Ministerial Training
  • Soaring as a Leader (Leadership Workshop)
  • Stopping the DreamKillers
  • Giving Birth to Your Purpose
  • Help! I'm a Church Secretary

No two trainings are alike. We adjust and flow as God leads us and our teachings are catered for the area we are ministering. There is always some variance in our workshops. Also, because of the volume of curriculum we have, even though a workshop has the same title, the topics taught may be completely different. Therefore, we provide churches with a list of available topics to select for onsite trainings. In addition, we can offer customized training for your church— (just tell us what you need!).

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